I have always been fascinated by the complexity and precision in drawing and labeling,
as well as the pictorality that cartography seems to imply.
With all the informations fitting into tiny squares of pieces of paper.

During my research I stumbled uppon a new kind of map collection.
« The book of life » refers indeed to the most mysterious,
possible to read but yet undeciphered information, slumbering in all of us, the genetic code.

It is supposed to reveal the genetic cipher to us, such as an atlas is supposed to translate the world,
but we still have to remind ourselves that we only apprehend human made attempts to represent,
organize and explain something which is in reality even more complex.

Letters, numbers, symbols, sometimes even objects themselves can also function as codes
within this system of representation.

With the help of photography I have tried to approach this kind of languages
that have become part of our world itself and now belong to our own way to define our surroundings
as well as ourselves.
Mapping the life in my city with my camera, I gathered pages for an unconventional dictionary,
translating the incomprehensible.